Water seepage & leaking wall cracks services for North Shore Massachusetts.



Settling foundations, bowed walls and slanted floors. We can solve your problem.



Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems rid dampness and improve air quality & create a gas/insect barrier.

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Take it from us, we’ve seen water pumps fail again and again. Let us help you kick you basement
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  • Recently, A. Reis Waterproofing contracted with us to fix our 30 year old crawl space. We found the crew to be friendly, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. The air in our house seemed lighter immediately. We are all pleased with the overall experience and are looking forward to clean, healthy breathing. The crew is to be commended on their entire demeanor and expertise. A. Reis is to be congratulated on their training system and the company’s choice in hiring such polite and energetic personnel. We will recommend A. Reis Waterproofing to anyone who will listen.

    Samantha Raymond
  • The crew has been courteous, friendly, and well mannered while in our home. We look forward to the extended warranty with a dry basement. We will be retiring in a couple of years and look forward to showing our home with complete confidence and proudly advertise our dry home. Our only regret is that we did not do this sooner. We were not fully aware of such a company and their ability to help home owners with leaky basements.

    Clarence Fuller
  • The team worked quietly and efficiently. There was limited intrusion and I was able to work as usual (given a little excess noise). I was most appreciative of the foreman. He reviewed expectations with me at the beginning and regularly advised me of status of the project. Several times he took me to the work area to show me the progress and to explain what was being done and why. I was very impressed with him and his efforts in this regard. It is not typical, in my experience. With most crews, I am only informed if I happen to ask questions.

    Janet Carpenter
  • The project was completed in a timely and well organized fashion. Have had no further issues with water seepage or high humidity, condensation or mildew in the basement. I was impressed with the professionalism, punctuality, courtesy, careful attention to detail, and quality of work exhibited by your crew.

    Timothy Smith
  • Very professional, showed up on time and completed job within quoted timeframe. Price was reasonable for the work performed. I would hire again and have already referred them to a friend.

    Jane Doe